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We differentiate ourselves from other agencies by providing transparent prices for all our services

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We offer flexibility based on your needs and can offer the following business models.


We offer three types of commercial agreements:

Trial of three months

We are happy to work with new clients on a trial basis for three months.

This provides a trial period to assess early stage results and the opportunity for a longer-term partnership.

*Certain conditions apply.


If you have an ongoing need for support, we can arrange a monthly contract based on the level of work you need.

If you need to outsource the entire implementation and management of your digital campaigns, we will calculate the number of hours required per month and cost you this according to our hourly rates.

Prices forprojects

If you have a requirement for a project or campaign, we will create a cost estimate based on the number of hours required to deliver your project.

This pricing model is ideal for product launches, website development work, one-off digital marketing projects, or trial campaigns.